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Innovative trail data collection with the Des Moines Area MPO Data Bike!

Some excellent coverage on the Des Moines Area MPO Data Bike.  It is fantastic to see a proactive approach to asset management, and a recognition of the benefit a data driven management process can bring to this important asset.

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Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) joins RUBIX family.

With more than 600 miles of multi-purpose trails, ranging from loops through parks to long-distance regionally designated routes, Central Iowa trails support active transportation and a multitude of recreational opportunities all year round. In order to gather objective condition measurements

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[Webinar] An Innovative approach to Active Transportation Infrastructure Management

With health, environmental, and economic benefits to offer, active transportation routes have become an important part of transportation planning and asset management. As these pathways and trails become integrated to the mainstream transportation infrastructure and part of our inter-modal transportation

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Safer roads or better roads?

I imagine this is a challenge many agencies will face. Capacity?  Safety?  Level of service? How do you prioritize these potentially competing priorities?

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Active Transportation …actively managed.

The increased focus of active transportation has presented many interesting opportunities within the areas of transportation planning and asset management. Beneficially, active transportation promotes healthier lifestyles and healthier people.  It provides environmental benefits – less reliance on carbon based fuels, GHG

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